The Casualty Agent / Adjuster Prelicensing course is equipped to assist students to be adequately prepared for the State Licensing Exam through general Casualty Insurance principles for the state of North Carolina. Students learn about the theories underlying insurance and how the insurance industry operates in dealing with Casualty coverages and policies. The student will become familiar with all of the major categories of Casualty coverages and case studies.

Listed below are the Casualty Agent / Adjuster Prelicensing courses currently offered by Lewis Financial Services Institute. Additional dates will be added throughout the year. Please check back periodically if you do not find a course that meets your schedule.

  • July 9 - 11 (9:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

All Casualty Agent / Adjuster Prelicensing courses cost $150 and involve computer-based learning techniques. The cost for both the Property Agent / Adjuster Prelicensing and the Casualty Agent / Adjuster Prelicensing courses is $250.


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